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カウラの班長会議 side A



[カウラ]  8月1日(金)20:00開演/ 2日(土)14:00開演 

Cowra Civic Centre


[キャンベラ] 8月6日(水)19:30開演/ 7日(木)19:30開演

The Street Theatre

[シドニー] 8月10日(日) 17:00開演

NIDA Parade Theatres


Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014





【東京】7月10日(木) 〜 20日(日) 下北沢ザ・スズナリ

【神戸】7月23日(水) 神戸アートビレッジセンター

【名古屋】7月25日(金) ウィルあいち

Honcho's Meeting in Cowra is Yoji Sakate's epic play about the tragic events at Cowra, Camp 12 on August 4th and 5th 1944 when two hundred and thirty four Japanese prisoners of war were killed in their attempt to escape. The event might be seen as an example of the fanatical Japanese temperament, proving the Japanese people are a society run by a rigorous group mentality. But within Sakate's Chekovian sensibility, generalised views of culture are broken into the individual voices of dissent, human beings striving to exist, to seek redemption or to die.

The current collaboration of Australian and Japanese actors is a real-life model for the play itself, because Sakate's play is not simply a reenactment of the events that led to the breakout, rather the story follows Australian and Japanese film school students as they produce a film about the Cowra Breakout. It is their vision of self-determination, their desire to write a different destiny for the POW's that propels Sakate's thesis that we should think for ourselves, that we should question authority and that we should learn from our mistakes.

Links are drawn between the individualism he exposes within the Japanese POW's of Camp B, by turns hilarious, poignant and tragic characterisations and the lack of active dissent in the current Japanese response to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. In the same way that Japanese soldiers followed the edicts of a militarist regime to sacrifice their lives rather than suffer the dishonour of surrender and imprisonment, so too does the current generation accept the media spin that buries the underlying causes of the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima and the unsuccessful remediation of the disaster. In this way, Sakate pins the threads of history to the present and demands that the seeds of the future be sewn wisely.

Yoji Sakate is one of Japan's luminous contemporary theatre voices. Both he and his company have been awarded, with sell-out seasons of original plays for over thirty years. He is president of the Japan Playwright's Association. His company Rinkogun, which translates literally as 'phosphorescent collective' has produced plays billed as a 'return to narrative', and if one is to make analogies to Western drama the better to understand the stylistic and thematic concerns, we must look to Chekhov, Brecht or Ibsen, for in equal measures he produces drama of story, of character, of political dissent and of conscience.

This wonderful collaboration between Australian and Japanese theatre celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Cowra breakout and is proudly supported by the Japanese Government's Agency for Cultural Affairs and will perform in Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya, Cowra, as part of the town's official commemoration ceremonies, Canberra Street Theatre and finally at NIDA's Parade Theatres, Sydney.